Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bead Soup is Here!

Yaay! My Bead Soup arrived yesterday from my partner Sarah of Pookledo. She did such a great job! 

Here we go...nothing better than getting a piece of Royal Mail! It makes you feel so...special, somehow!

Sarah's pretty little card so brightened my dreary, wintry day!

My soup! LOVE the colours! LOVE the beautiful, feminine clasp...and what are those fun little goodies? Moustaches? Fairy wings??

Soup unpacked....lovely, soft feminine colours, so different for me...a whole strand of lovely rose quartz, a little baggie of mixed seed beads and sequins in a brighter shade of rose, a stunning silver box clasp, turquoise accent beads, and a pair of gorgeous turquoise stunners. Awesome!
 AND....Sarah's and my laugh...prior to receiving a partner, I ordered a set of focal and beads from a shop I love and use frequently (see last post). I knew they would be perfect for my partner, whoever she may be....HAHA!! Sarah lives, literally, a few miles away from this artist....and packed up a focal for ME from the same artist, this cutie little owl. 
I love him! Great minds definitely think alike. 

Sarah has also received her goodies, and here is what I sent her:

Focal and coordinating beads from Grubbi, coppery agate beads to pick up some of the colour in the focal heart, copper, enamel and beaded beads handmade by me, with a copper clasp.  

I already have added a MOUNTAIN of things from my own stash to Sarah's soup, and I have an idea I'm excited about....see you in May for the reveal!! 


  1. I love Grubbi's beads, and those moustaches!!!wow!!!
    You girls prepared both really cool soups!

  2. Super cute soups. Both are quite lovely.

  3. What great soups! Looking forward to seeing what you and your partner create.

  4. That is going to be such a fun soup to work with! I just love Grubbi's beads so I can see where you would both pick up some to send to each other.


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