Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Photo Challenge DONE!!

Wahoo!! This month, I'm done the challenge a little early, and I'm feeling a bit better about these photos. I'm not sure if it was (for me) just easier themes this month, or if I was simply feeling more creative. Of course, the fact that it wasn't raining every . single . day was a help as well! You just can NOT get good color when it's raining. :(

Last month, I received 2 "best ofs" though...I'm so thrilled about that!

I actually had three themes this month where I had multiple choices of photo, and there were some tough decisions. Here are the ones I decided NOT to include :)

A Spring Activity:



Wish me luck! BTW, there are no prizes or voting involved in this challenge....:) Just the satisfaction. 

When the month is over, I'll add a link to my completed May Challenge page. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just sitting around....

Thank goodness! I needed that!

I've managed to clear off some of the horizontal surfaces that start to get stacked up when I've been a) working too many hours and b) not feeling so great but today I really need to have a "nothing to do" day. Unfortunately my rotten back will not currently cooperate with that :( so I sit a bit and get up and do a bit.

I've been working through some of the event postcards I seem to accumulate at the ones I attend, marking my calendar with those that look interesting and bookmarking websites and blogs that also look good, for future reference.

Here are a couple of events I hope to attend:

Have not been to this art show before, but how can it go wrong with a setting like Kew Gardens at The Beaches??

This show I have not attended previously either, but it has a great reputation, and it's always great to have a lovely drive in an area you've not visited!

This one I HAVE attended and it is NOT TO BE MISSED!! if you like quilts or textile arts. It's an outstanding show with lots of original quilt art, a very nice members shop, lots of vendors, and a great snack shop as well! Be there!! :-)

Here are a few other things I've been working on:

A lovely evening at the beach last night! The weather is great for the long was had by all.

And....some of my production over the last few months. These beaded beads will be added to other color-coordinated plainer beads and strung. 

They will end up looking something like this:

Most are eventually destined to raise money for the National Inclusion Project (see link below). 

Hope you are having a productive weekend as well!