Sunday, May 1, 2016

I Love Blog Hops!

Yes, I do!...and I particularly like Karen William's blog hops! They're fun and funky..what more could you ask? 

This time round, Karen posed a Freeform Ring Challenge, which I was delighted to opt into...

Karen was awesome about giving us a decent bit of time to make these happen, and I had fun! 

This pretty little pearl was a left-behind, just wandering around aimlessly on my bead board; as she is in a colour range that is outside my usual, I decided this would be a great project to try out a new colour combo:



This next bold guy I made to match a new top I treated myself to....

The top:

The ring....front:


Now THIS little madam absolutely REFUSED to become freeform.....the nerve!! But she was insistent, so I've included her anyway!



...and here's the top she'll accompany:

Thanks Karen!! It was great! 

I hope you'll check out the others "ring"ing in Spring as well!