Friday, February 3, 2017

It's Been a While....

...and I'm embarrassed! I will try to add a post showing some of my new goodies within the week. And this next post has NOTHING to do with beads! 😧

In the interim....something SO important has come up, and if there IS anyone still reading and you can help....that would be amazing! 

I've added a widget to the top of my'll see it over there>>>>

This lovely man is a friend, and is a very important member of another friend's family. A couple of months ago he had a terrible accident at work. In the aftermath, he has lost a leg and has had to undergo numerous can read all the details at the site linked. I don't need to tell you how frightening the medical costs are in the US, so you'll know right away that as he is the major breadwinner for the family, their need is dire. 

If you can help with ANY size donation, it would be SO greatly appreciated. You'll notice on this particular site that ALL of the donation goes to Jerome's family rather than the site taking a percentage, like gofundme or others do. 

Just one other thing 😍If you too have a blog, or a website...could you PLEASE add the widget to YOUR site as well? If you scroll down on the site's destination page, you'll see the opportunity to add it. 

Bless you for anything you can do! It is so greatly needed!!