Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So far behind.....

I'm so far behind!! This has been one of those exasperating, expensive, everything-is-happening-at-once months. In the last month, I've spent $14,256 on things I really don't even have yet, some of which I'll NEVER have anything to show for *sigh*. I'm broke, tired, and it just never ends. Today it was $900 to fix the bumper of a car that is worth about $1500...but the province won't safety certify it until the bumper is fixed.

But...enough whining....here's the good news! Last Saturday (sorry I missed the real date!) was the First Reveal for the 6th (and biggest!) Bead Soup Blog Party. DO make sure you visit at least some of the wonderful reveals, which you can find HERE. It'll brighten your day, just like it did mine!

Here's a little preview, one of Lori Anderson's wonderful reveal pieces:

My reveal is coming up next...on August 11th...and I'm on track! Woo-hoo!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Giveaways to die for!

RUN!!...don't walk....to Lori Anderson's Bead and Button Giveaway post. She has a choice of five different give-aways you can dibs in for...and what fun they are!

Me? I'm just sitting here sweating (TMI, I know...) and trying to decide....bits and bobs?...ebook?...hard copy of the Bead Soup book?....or....

Yes, Dorothy, it is 92 degrees in the house....no, I CAN'T afford $3000 for A/C...no, I can't use those portable units; our windows crank outward and there's no way, therefore to block them up....yes, I AM whiny. There....think I've got it all covered! Never thought I'd be praying for a cold day...just one...please!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

My Bead Soup is here!

You know, I love exchanging soups with someone from far, far away cuz you receive goodies you've never seen before....but this time round, I am LOVING having the soup I sent be there already, so no more "is it going to arrive" worries...and I have my soup in plenty of time to actually put some good thought into inspiration!

I LOVE my bead soup from Amy!

Just LOOK at the colors in that MOP focal!...gorgeous!! And the seed beads and accents are perfectly color matched to the focal. 

The focal is large....about 4 inches long...and as my normal realm is seed beads, that will be my challenge for this Bead Soup; but I have an idea already that I think MIGHT just be spectacular if I can do it justice. 

I'm off to try!