Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bead Soup is home!

Amy just let me know she has received her Bead Soup! That arrived so quickly! SO unlike Canada Post LOL!!

Here is what I sent her:

I can't wait to see what she does with it!

Be sure and join us August 11th for the reveal.....

As soon as my soup from Amy arrives here, I will let you know! Excited!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

....and, last for today!

Just a quick one....

I recently found a new supplier of lovely gemstones; I am not in the normal way, a big gemstone user. But some of his/her things inspired me to do some pieces with the gemstones and my beaded beads.

Here is the most recent:

This is autumn agate, with simple beaded beads in the colors of the agate piece that would have been in that location in the sequence, separated by copper spacers. 
Thanks to Liz Reed of The Crimson Moon for the use of her beaded bead patterns. 

The matching earrings are hand-forged copper, with agate, beaded beads and copper spacers. 

All funds from the sale of this set will be donated to the National Inclusion Project; $70. 

Please contact me if you are interested. 

Recent news

Thought I would also post a picture of my most recent goodies as well today.....I also participated in the "2012 Spring Pantone" swap that Lori Anderson (yes, she's a busy lady!) curated on Facebook. The idea was to exchange, with a partner, a package of beading goodies which represented a selection from the Spring 2012 Pantone colors.

My partner Silvia Sernicola and I decided to select Tangerine Tango...Cabaret....Solar Power...and Driftwood as our combination. 

Silvia is a children's fashion designer from Italy, and her work is such fun! 

Here is what I received from Silvia:

What a fun package!! There was officially no requirement to create and show a piece from this swap, but Silvia and I have made an agreement that we will show what we do...and I already have what I think will be a really cool idea to use these wonderful colors, which make me smile just to look at them. 

BUT...there was something else in Silvia's package to me:

It's ME!!!! Taken from a picture on my Facebook, from a Gala event I attended in 2010: (that's me on the left....)

Now, HOW totally cool is that!! I have to find something really, really special to do with this little girl.....


Sadly, my package to Silvia has not yet arrived on her I can't show you what I sent her. But I will!

It's happening again!!

Seriously....did you hear that rumbling??!! 

Nope....wasn't that!! 

Not that either.....

Oh no!! It's bigger than THAT! 

It's the BIGGEST EVER.....Bead Soup Blog Party ! 399 participants! And one of them is ME!!...whee!

This time I am particularly excited because Lori Anderson was kind enough to match me up with Amy Schmidt , who is an amazing bead-weaver (my first love)...AND who lives just down the road from me in Kitchener, ON. 

I am going to have so much fun rooting through my beads to get a package together for Amy! 

Look for Amy's and my reveal on August 11th....with previews here prior to that time...and reveals from others on July 28th and August 25th as well. 
It's a Bead Soup Blog Party-palooza! 

Check Lori's blog Pretty Things for details of prior year parties and here for my reveal earlier this year.