Sunday, January 19, 2014

On to Other Things....

I adore my beading and my chainmaille, but decided this year I would expand my scope a bit. For me, this is the time of year to do it, as it is quiet....later, I won't have time to do much of anything!

I probably should have made my WOTY "Diversify" instead of "Relax"....but both work! Diversification is relaxing for me. 

On that note, I have joined a Round Robin that the Crazy Quilt International group is doing, and yesterday I spend several hours putting together my base block (called a "naked block" in the community). 

The theme for this RR is "Under the Sea". As you can see, I love bright colours...and I also love wild, abandoned stitching, so my request of the others will be to go for it....hope they do! There are 5 other participants in the RR; each block will go to each person in turn, and each will have an opportunity to stitch on each block. At that time, they will be returned to the owner and we will have a "show and tell" at each round. We start March 1, 2014...wish me luck!