Friday, November 29, 2013

Week 48~Focus on Life~Thanks

As most of my friends celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend, those of us in Canada are not...ours was in the middle of October...consequently, as I listen to the chat online, I am suffering from turkey envy! I had to go out this week and buy a rotisserie chicken at the deli, and some Stove Top. Y'all made me do it!!

Our related prompt from Sally this week was:

"Giving Thanks....what are you thankful for?"

Here is my list, important and not so.....

1. Vision - 4 years ago, right at this time of year, I was told that in approximately three months, I would be you can see, I am not, and my vision has in fact improved since that time. I have been taken off the imminent list and discharged by the opthamologist. Thank you. 

2. My friends in the box - who make me laugh, cry, inspire me and keep me company on the long dark nights. Thank YOU. 

3. Good books - which also make me laugh, cry, inspire me and keep me company. Thank you. 

4. The best seat on the sofa - the one where you can stretch out full length, and lean back. WITH a good book, or your friends in the box. Thank you. 

5. Cozy slippers - you'll see a theme here, because of our recent weather....thanks for them!

6. A warm fire - aaahhhhh......see also, the best seat on the sofa....thanks for this!

7. A lovely hot latte - my favourite treat after dinner...thanks Tassimo!


  1. What a great list and wonderful news about your vision. I might have to replace the latte with a frosty beverage!

  2. What a wonderful list and a wonderful photo collage! Great post, Lori :)

  3. Wonderful list, and wonderful news about your vision. Enjoyed your photo collage!

  4. Wonderful things to be thankful about--especially your eyesight! Your photo collage is great!

  5. Love your collage! And, so very happy to hear about your eye sight. It's amazing what our bodies can do, given the chance and the 'prompting' by our attitudes/brain/heart/thoughts! Glad you joined in our Thanksgiving tradition w/some festive food of your own this week! :-)

  6. A great collage Lori. Vision is something most people take for granted. I am glad that yours was saved. I went through it with my husband's eyes a few years back. He had laser surgery 7 times. I am thankful for my friends in the box too.

  7. Awesome collage! Turns out I am oh so grateful for my eyesight, too. Glad that yours got better - glad beyond hope!

  8. Wonderful list and collage and so happy that your vision was restored!

  9. We have 2 two seater sofas in our living room and I've recently claimed the 2nd one as my own. I've got my knitting on there and a lovely blanket :)


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