Friday, August 30, 2013

Focus on Life~Week 35 Growth and Change

Can you believe we are 7/10ths of the way through this year-long challenge? (OK, it's the mathematician in me....)

Here is Sally's prompt for this week...

"This week we are focusing on what is growing and changing about you or the environment around you"

Here in Upper Canada, we are all about Back to Class at the moment, even if you don't have someone who is GOING back to class...and it is hard to believe summer is officially (if not actually) over and we are soon to be in Fall mode.

I took another trip to my favorite park this weekend, and I think of all the pictures I took, this one says where my mind is these days:

It speaks to me of endings...but with possibilities to come. 

Oddly enough, as I was driving home from the park, I noticed something on the main street next to my little neighbourhood, which I've never noticed before....I can't believe I haven't seen this!

Look at what's growing here, right across the street!

There are fields and fields and fields of sunflowers...I assume they're being grown to harvest the oil...but Sally, you opened my eyes! 

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 34~Add Something!

So sorry to be late this week!

We just got back yesterday from a very short but very sweet 2-day vacation in Maine...

But first....I wanted to let you know about the winner of my little contest from last week!

Janet Bocciardi of Honey From the Bee....step right up, Mr Random has selected YOU! :-)

For our theme this week, Sally said:

"Add Something! There are many different online and phone app editing programs..pick an editing program, pick a photo and PLAY!"

I picked Picasa (which I often use) and had fun with 3 different treatments....Orton, Vignette, and is the result:

And here is the original picture, from Ogunquit Beach in Maine:

Hope you all had a wonderful week! This week I HOPE to have time to do some visiting as well as posting my pictures....hope you stop by and see lots of the rest as well!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Week 33~In Season

Looks like Sally's allllllmost ready with her newly de-hacked website!

 In the meantime, we look at our prompt for Week 33~In Season... "What's in Season Where You Live?"

This area supplies much of the produce for at least the eastern half of our nation; the ground is rich and hugely productive. Everywhere you look there are fields of gently waving corn, bright green onions, golden purple tobacco, and lots of fruit! But a friend and I went out this last weekend to have a look at the other "In Season" product of Ontario....Festivals!!
Yes, it's Festival season! There are more than 100 summer Festivals which take place in this's one of the most popular:

There were one or two people there when we arrived at the "Castle Gates"!

The opening ceremonies were in progress:

Always fun at a festival, there were lots of great vendors. How cute are these little kilts?? Do you see your tartan?

There was face painting too!

And, of course, lots of great pipe bands....

And, after 3 hours of this being my view:

Here was the main reason my friend and I went to the Festival! 

Here's a little quiz for those who have read this YOU know who the "Lady in Red" is??

If so, add your answer to the comments! I will draw for a little prize from all the correct answers.....Good Luck! 

While you're thinking....check out all the other "in season" blogs!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Week 32~From Where I Stand....

This should be a fun week! Sally's prompt this week was:

"Stand Still for a moment...and focus on where you stand!"

From where I stand.....

It was a beautiful day at the beach! 

Hope your days were beautiful this week too!....see where others stand here:

Addendum: I've just heard that Sally's blog has been hacked, so we're unable to link up to it at the moment. My heart goes out to Sally as she attempts to recoup her lost data...and to the scum who create this nonsense? Get a life!!

In the meantime.....

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Week 31~Hues of Blue

Another lovely week gone by! I feel as though the summer is slipping through my fingers, soon to be replaced by golden trees and that autumn crisp in the air. Please, not so fast!!

We have someone away on vacation this week in my department at work, and I am replacing her, so it's been a very busy week.

Sally's prompt for this week of Focus on Life is:

"This week take time to focus on the beautiful hues of blue....." of my favourite colours in certain shades, one I use a LOT in my jewelry, but I wasn't seeing a lot of blue out there this week. Even the lake isn't really blue, as it reflects the green along the shoreline; and I didn't see a single, solitary blue flower in my travels. Not one. So....I did a few quick pics from my visit to the bead shop this week, and had a little fun playing....

The blue wall at my LBS!

The only other blue thing I saw this week was THIS sad face as her monthly bath took place! 

Let's see what the others came up with HERE