Friday, August 16, 2013

Week 33~In Season

Looks like Sally's allllllmost ready with her newly de-hacked website!

 In the meantime, we look at our prompt for Week 33~In Season... "What's in Season Where You Live?"

This area supplies much of the produce for at least the eastern half of our nation; the ground is rich and hugely productive. Everywhere you look there are fields of gently waving corn, bright green onions, golden purple tobacco, and lots of fruit! But a friend and I went out this last weekend to have a look at the other "In Season" product of Ontario....Festivals!!
Yes, it's Festival season! There are more than 100 summer Festivals which take place in this's one of the most popular:

There were one or two people there when we arrived at the "Castle Gates"!

The opening ceremonies were in progress:

Always fun at a festival, there were lots of great vendors. How cute are these little kilts?? Do you see your tartan?

There was face painting too!

And, of course, lots of great pipe bands....

And, after 3 hours of this being my view:

Here was the main reason my friend and I went to the Festival! 

Here's a little quiz for those who have read this YOU know who the "Lady in Red" is??

If so, add your answer to the comments! I will draw for a little prize from all the correct answers.....Good Luck! 

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  1. I had no clue, sorry Lori, but I can google! I say it's Diana Gabaldon! I learned something new :)It sure looks like the weather was perfect and aside from that one view, there sure was lots to enjoy.

  2. Diana Gabaldon... Looks like you had fun! I think I recognize the Macdonald tartan there but not sure about the Campbell... THe Campbell side of the family sent me a Campbell tartan kilt as a wedding present when I married a Macdonald!

  3. Now that would be a festival I would enjoy! Thanks for taking us along! Have no clue who the woman in red is. :(

  4. What a great festival!!! Sorry I have not a clue who the woman in red might be.

  5. How fun! Great shots. I've read Diana's books before and would've been thrilled to meet her, too.

    1. Janet, Mr. Random has chosen YOU as our winner! Could you email me your address for your prize? Maybe missing it, but I don't see an email on your site.

  6. Oh, I want to go to one of those Festivals - looks like it would be so much fun. I believe the lady in red's the "Outlander" book series lady - lives in AZ, too I think. She looks so familiar, but then, so many people look familiar to me, not sure why!

  7. Festivals are great fun, Lori, part of what makes summer so special. I would love to get our family tartan some day (Urquhart clan), but, man, those authentic fabrics are pricey!

    Judging from those line-ups, Ms. Gabaldon is a popular author. I can honestly say I haven't read her books (I don't read much fiction), but I have a friend who thinks she is one of the best!

  8. Well, it looks like you have had some fun at your festival. I Have a Facebook friend whose daughter plays bagpipes.Who knew it was so popular!

  9. We have a Scottish Festival here, but it is in March. Yours looks like fun.

  10. certainly is the season for festivals!! great pictures - thanks for sharing :)

  11. Lori, your post made me smile. Couldn't resist with the one showing your view. :-) Do they know their bottoms are on the internet? :-) ha! I absolutely LOVE festivals and wish we had one like this here.... the kilts are beautiful. Looks like you had a fantastic day!


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