Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 34~Add Something!

So sorry to be late this week!

We just got back yesterday from a very short but very sweet 2-day vacation in Maine...

But first....I wanted to let you know about the winner of my little contest from last week!

Janet Bocciardi of Honey From the Bee....step right up, Mr Random has selected YOU! :-)

For our theme this week, Sally said:

"Add Something! There are many different online and phone app editing programs..pick an editing program, pick a photo and PLAY!"

I picked Picasa (which I often use) and had fun with 3 different treatments....Orton, Vignette, and is the result:

And here is the original picture, from Ogunquit Beach in Maine:

Hope you all had a wonderful week! This week I HOPE to have time to do some visiting as well as posting my pictures....hope you stop by and see lots of the rest as well!


  1. Amazing! Amazing that those effects made it all the more interesting - even though I thought the original was quite cool. Also amazing that I won!!!!!! Thank you Lori. Let me know what I'm supposed to do. ; )

  2. Subtle, but that treatment really made the leaf shape pop!

  3. HOw can you go wrong with a beach? We were at oqonquit once off season .. looked like it would be an interesting place when everything was open!

  4. Love this. Your edit of the leaf and the beach is awesome!

  5. I always love coming here and viewing your header! Great picture...we saw many trees starting to turn on our road trip to the east coast.

  6. Great job, I like picasa too so much fun!

  7. Super! What a great picture to edit, too - love this one!

  8. We were in ME at the same time! :-) And on our final day, we spent it in Ogunquit too! :-) The kids absolutely loved it there, building those structures with rocks that you see if you walk along Marginal Way. I could move there, right to that sweet town.


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