Friday, November 22, 2013

Focus on Life Wk 47~Centrepiece

Sally's prompt this week was:

"This week focus on the centrepiece, the most important feature of your day, week, makes you comfortable, gives you joy, brings you peace of mind...or is simply a place of comfort. "

While I am not sure it is THE most important feature of my life, my jewelry making certainly fits all the other gives me comfort, joy, AND peace of mind. My job is a fairly stressful one, and I do love to come home and work in the repetition  of chain work or is complete zen for me. 

As I'm sure everyone else is, I am working on a few different things at this time of year. I just finished and mailed an ornament for Sally's Ornament Swap...but of course I can't spoil Alicia's surprise, so that one will have to wait for reveal day!

I am currently working on these....

...left to right, box chain, spiral chain, byzantine. These are being done for one of our events with the Foundation, Dancing Like the Stars, which takes place in April each year. They will be used as mementos for the "stars" participating to raise funds for us. I will be adding resin charms with the DLTS logo, and the year of participation. 

I've also been having a blast working on colour schemes for these:

The Sparkly Wheels are SUCH fun to make...they take less than half an hour, can be done in lots of different sizes by varying bead size and number...and they're endlessly variable. The ribbon necklet here is temporary; I may do herringbone ropes for them, or simply join them together in different ways. 

The pattern is by Nikia Angel, and can be found in Beadwork June/July 2010. 

Be sure to have a look at what everyone else is focused on this week!



  1. I also find jewelry making to be a central part of my life, though I picked something else to post about. Love those Sparkly Wheels.

  2. Beautiful!. I always enjoy coming here for your header and now you have a new one!

  3. Wonderful center! I also make jewelry, but books...they have been with me so much longer. Your sparkly wheels are fabulous.

  4. beautiful work! love the chainmaille ... I really need to try that :) and really pretty colors in your Sparkly Wheels!

  5. Your beading just takes my breath away, Lori! Those beaded loops on the ribbon are gorgeous!!
    Thanks for stopping by already and a very BIG thank you for following my new blog - it really means a lot!!

  6. Jewellery making ... bead making and all that are part of mylife but I don't do it at the same time everyday. The sparkly wheels lool like fun. I enjoy cutting rings for chain maille with a jewellers saw!

  7. Oh, the sparkly wheels are just too pretty! I do find that my jewelry making 'grounds' me and is the 'Zen' you spoke of for me, too. Love your chainmaille too!

  8. Beautiful beads... - yes they are central to me too! :-) Love all your variations so far. Great chain work, toO

  9. Your sparkly wheels are great. They are one of the things I thought I would make but never got back to. Seeing yours and hearing that they only take half an hour has inspired me to make some. My beadwork is my center too.


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