Friday, November 15, 2013

Focus on Life Wk 46~Reflect

Sally's prompt for us this week was:

"...before jumping in to all the hustle and bustle let's take a moment to slow down and reflect on all the joy, peace, happiness and love we already have in our life!"

I have to admit I was a little stumped here, once again...I immediately thought of my family, who are spread all across the nation, none near enough to photograph...I am by no means a religious person...

...and then I thought of my primary joy these days, which consists of the satisfaction and yes, JOY I get from working with my charity the National Inclusion Project. 

While this is a cheat, this photograph taken last month perhaps shows it best:

That's me in the middle, with our two co-founders, all dressed up and shiny and having fun. 
These are two of the most wonderful people I know, full of love and JOY!

Here's another of my favourite pictures, taken in Charlotte, NC in October of 2003, with Diane when the organization was just a baby about 2 months old....

When we were there this year celebrating our 10th anniversary, I told her I wanted a do-over, and here it is...older and wiser, still friends:

Be sure to check out the joys of the others here!


  1. Your charity sounds wonderful; I looked up what it does. Great photos.

  2. Lovely pictures! It's good to be involved in things that make us feel worthwhile!

  3. Love your pics, you are beaming with joy, peace and happiness!

  4. Great shots and a wonderful way to reflect. I see you changed your header photo and I love your bracelet! And, beautiful dress you have on in that first photo - you all look so happy. Doing good and giving back does make one reflect - great post!

  5. What a great way to reflect and truly make a difference. I think your happiness aura definitely comes from the gifts you are giving!

  6. Reflecting on the good work we do, always important!

  7. Lori this is a great post. It is heartwarming to help others. Thanx for sharing that part of you with us.

  8. Seeing the joy in your faces for the work that you do makes me smile knowing in a very small way there is a part of me in it. Thank you.


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