Saturday, December 7, 2013

Week 49~Focus on Life~Add a little Sparkle!

Our prompt from Sally for this week was:

" keep things cheery we sometimes have to add our own dash of sparkle to brighten our inner glow"

In the mayhem that is working in retail at Christmastime, my sparkle has done got up and went ...but as always, her prompt made me think, and of course she is right..we need to make our own sparkle! 

So....on my day off this week....this happened:

Yes, I am wearing them to work...and so far, they seem to have put a smile on a few faces besides mine. 

Thanks, Sally!

See what's sparkling in others' lives here:


  1. Oh - I love them!! I wondered if anyone would actually show some 'bling' or not this week. Of course I thought about doing that a bit too late! LOL!!

  2. My first thought was exactly what Beti typed!

  3. I hope they jingle! That's perfect: both sparkly and putting a smile on people's faces :)

  4. I have some jingle bell earrings... haven't worn them yet this year!

  5. Thanks folks....and, yes, they definitely jingle! That's 3/4 of the fun! :-)


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