Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week 30~Catch the Sun

It's been quite a lovely week, weatherwise, here this last...we've had a little break from the oppressive heat and humidity of the last several weeks and have actually had a chance to ENJOY the sun instead of wilting under it. 

That made Sally's prompt for this week especially enjoyable! Here it is:

"Catch the beauty of the sun as it glistens off of the skin, sparkles and dances over the water, or shines on the beauty of the day! This week, focus on catching the sun!"

....and I did! Thoroughly enjoyed a walk on the edge of the water....and caught these folks enjoying it as well...well, OK, they're enjoying the SHADE LOL....but they're definitely enjoying the day! 

.....and then, of course, I have to add one of my sunset pictures....the other end of the "sun"day...can you see the little guy on the fence, at the right? He was just singing his little heart out to that sunset!

Hope you all had a wonderful week as well...and one to come! See more sun fun HERE on Sally's blog! 


  1. Beautiful photos but that second one is gorgeous!!!!

  2. Both photos are beautiful - I love the couple relaxing and enjoying the good weather - it looks so perfect and peaceful there, and I love your sunset too - it's absolutely stunning.

  3. WOW, I love the second one...the colors....breathtaking. Thanks for the post!

  4. Ahh sunsets. Absolutely breathtaking. And the best part is they happen over and over again.

  5. Oh, the shot by the water makes me want to be the one under the tree! And a beautiful sunset, too!

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  7. What a great sunset photo- wonderful colors!

  8. I miss sunsets. I don't really get them as the sun sets behind the mountains. I've enjoyed the ones presented this week.

    (I keep forgetting to tell you how happy your header makes me every week when I open your page. All bright and sparkly!)


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