Friday, July 19, 2013

Week 29~Routine

Another busy week!! 

I knew right away what I was going to use to satisfy Sally's prompt this week:

"This week focus on the beauty and comfort of your everyday routine"

I know lots of people that don't "do" breakfast...before the advent of old age and medication, I used to be one of them. Now, the necessity of having to have something substantial in my stomach prior to downing the pain meds makes breakfast a priority. However....that's not to say I don't enjoy it!

I have the same thing every day....for several years now, in fact. I'm thinking on it, of these days I may go totally crazy and do English muffins instead of whole grain toast...or waffles!!...hmmm, no, too sweet...

In the meantime, my peaceful hour before I head to work or off on the day....

.....whole grain toast, coffee in one of my many souvenir mugs, a BIG glass of water...and a meeting with my "friends in the box". 

Today I made a coffee toast to YOU all! 

Let's see what everyone else is up to HERE


  1. I can't face food until at least noon.
    I love the mug

  2. Coffee, coffee, coffee, give me it all! Wonder why I am still going strong at 3 in the morning?

  3. Coffee, toast and Clay? Awesome combination & what a great start to the day!

  4. Great minds - I chose my morning cuppa and 'my friends in the box' (great phrase - so apt!)- it's a very enjoyable, peaceful time of the day isn't it!

  5. I knew I wouldn't be the only one this week with the coffee!

  6. I like your phrase "Friends in a box" and how your picture reflects your hour to yourself in the morning.

  7. I used to eat buttered toast along with a glass of orange juice each morning until I read about how bad OJ can be with all that sugar. And after some health issues I switched to Cheerios and a glass of water.

    Great photo! I captures the whole of your morning routine.

  8. I actually work a picture of a handful of pills...then chickened out. You do what you have to do,at least you make it pleasant!

  9. I'm not big on breakfast but I understand about needing the morning meds.

  10. Cute photo! I find I need that breakfast now to get the ole mind moving. I never noticed it making a difference before, but I sure do now.

    For now it's just BP for me and hope I don't have to add any more.

  11. I have to make breakfast for the kids so there is always something lurking about! I don't mind breakfast but I LOVE coffee lol

  12. Breakfast is always yummy :) we are big on breakfast here, my mom ingrained that into me! love your photo and the 'friends in the box' idea ;)


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