Monday, May 28, 2012

Hors d'oeuvres

Today, it's a bit of this and a bite of that...just catching up on some of what I've been doing over the last two weeks:

Beaded Bead contest:

I've done a few more of the Beaded Beads necessary for Beadwork magazine's 15th Anniversary contest. Here is my collection so far:

The numbers refer to the sequence of the beads in the magazine, not the order in which I beaded them. So far, I'm particularly fond of the two "ones" in the foreground, and the "two" to the middle right. I plan on doing an additional "three" for sure, and probably some more "ones". I want to have enough to have options for my design when that moment comes. So particular design inspiration!


A month or two ago, I also joined Artcharms, which is a Yahoo group. This is a very active group run by the authors of this fun book. I have participated so far in 4 swaps; here is what I sent for the Frida Kahlo swap:

These were to consist of images/colors around Frida, her work, and Mexico. I sent shrinkie images, and hand-painted wooden beads. 

For the blue/brown color swap I sent these, in multiple colors and variations:

Here's my goodies for the pendant swap:

....and the "Going Postal" swap; these are Canadian stamps, covered with resin, on a Canadian nickel base:

I also participated in Lori Anderson's Pantone Colors Spring 2012 swap; I had the pleasure this time of sending goodies to Silvia Sernicola in Italy. While I won't post the picture of what I sent, so as to spoil the surprise for her, I had a great deal of fun picking out goodies in our chosen color scheme:

Can't wait to receive my goodies back from all this activity, and I will be sure to show you what I receive. 
ETA: a link to Silvia's post, where she has the most wonderful picture of the color combinatin in use: Pipa the Latest Take a trip over, you'll love her blog. 

Toronto Bead Show

This last Saturday, I attended the Toronto Bead Society's Spring Bead Show. This takes place Spring and Fall, and although the Spring show is a somewhat smaller one, both shows are always the best in the region IMO. The place was jammed! Here are a few peeks of what I came home with:

The whole stash:

Wonderful enamelled beads from Klee Creations (sorry, could not find an online presence). Cynthia Riggs I blame this on you! :-)
Look at those fab faceted agate beads to the left as well....yumm. 

I had SUCH a hard time deciding which one of these little color packets to take home! I wanted of them! These ones will make a necklace for me to wear to the Gala in October, with my fuschia jacket. Fun!!

These two delicious lampwork beads are from Laurie Wright at Designer Beads. I am SUCH a sucker for anything...anything at all...with spirals. Love the colors too!
....and there are some more of those yummy faceted agates. 

 ....and then, the piece de resistance IMO....a strand of wonderful!! fire agate rondelles in the most incredible orange, peach, and hot tones. I'm not always an orange kind of a girl (I certainly couldn't wear this color), but the Pantone people this year are wearing me down. :-) I'll likely mix it up with some fuschia and yellow in beaded beads.
The other strand is a huge splurge....garnets in tumbled nuggets. It's tough to see in the photo, I know, but again they are the most wonderful plums, pinks and cranberries EVER.

As you can see, I've had fun over the last two weeks! Hope it's been good for all of you too.....:-)


  1. wow, a bead galore in here! so many nice things! :D

  2. Lori,
    I am happy to take the blame for your new love of enameled beads! It looks like you picked up some really pretty enameled beads, as well as those gorgeous fire agates!! Have fun creating!

  3. Lori, my oh my! I had visited here once before and fell in love with your beaded beads. Such beautiful work! I am slowly learnging inspire me! I think you have had quite some fun the last few weeks!! I can't wait to visit Bead and Button next first time to a show! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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