Saturday, May 12, 2012

Button Swap Reveal Day!

Good morning everyone!

I am going to have to apologize in advance today, as real life is kicking my butt here...I've worked at my real life job mumblety-mumblety days in a row, and I've had NO time to either finish my first piece from the wonderful buttons Cynthia Riggs sent me, or do more than one.

I HAVE had five quick minutes before heading off to work yet again, to look at her pieces from the buttons I sent....oh my gosh!! Beautiful!! Be SURE not to miss them!

Here is what Cynthia sent me:

Two beautiful enamelled buttons~after Cynthia and I talked about what we were going to do, and I said I was just jonesing *g* for some of her fantastic enamel work~she played around a bit and found a new outlet for her enamelling...enamel on old buttons! Are these gorgeous or what! It is one of these that I chose to start out my pieces with, and I promise I will show you that later tonight. 

She also sent that wonderful focal flower "button" in the centre, three antique brass stamped buttons from her own Sizzix, and two really unique antique pieces...more about those later! :-)
And of course there had to be a bit of bling! It's me, after all, right??! Those two fuschia blingy buttons on the top left of the picture are just SO pretty!

I do have one piece with just about a half hour's work needed on it, that I can't complete before I go to work today, unfortunately....but I will do so today after I get home, and I will post again later tonight. 
I apologize again for being so far behind!! 

Here is the list of participants in the swap....please go have a look at their beautiful pieces, and thanks so much to Cindy Wimmer at Sweet Bead Studio for being an awesome swap hostess! She rocks!!

Later!! *waves*

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