Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bead Table Saturday

Yes, I know it's supposed to be Bead Table Wednesday....but I was at my REAL worktable on here's a few quick pics of what I'm working on right now, as it's snowing outside (again) and I have absolutely NO inclination to go out...and I'm trying to save money for that upcoming $3000 dental bill anyway:

Those little orange stars are about 1/2" wide; the jump ring beside them is a 6mm if that gives you any indication. 
This is blurry but shows a bit more of the star detail:

These are the first of many, for a beading contest running currently in Beadwork Magazine . It is their 15th anniversary; they will be running beaded bead patterns in all issues in 2012 and then you create a piece with each of the five different beads, to be judged. 
Right up my alley I thought!
So far, I have one completed bead from the Feb/Mar first issue, and the above is the second one I'm working on. 
Having fun!! 

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