Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ornament Swap Blog Hop!~Merry Christmas!

Karen Williams of Skunk Hill Studio made a few of us an offer we couldn't refuse several weeks ornament exchange! Several of us have participated in Sally Russick's exchange in years past, and we were missing it! So Karen, thankfully, stepped up to the plate to organize. 

This is my busiest time of the year, as I am in retail~as it is for many others, I'm sure. BUT~I couldn't pass this up. With just two weeks to create, I jotted down a few ideas which became quite a long list by the time I had run out of ideas! 

Karen could not possibly have found me a better partner! Francie Broadie and I compared notes in an email, and discovered:

-we are both "funky" lovers
-we both adore bling
-our fave colour combinations are the same~teals, purples, lime greens, fuschias. 
-we're both seed beaders

Easy!! I got this (I hope LOL.....)!!

It was really FUN to make Francie's ornament for her....I loved picking out the bead colours, enjoyed making the ornament for her, and had fun "funking" it up a little. 

Sure hope she likes it! (...AND I hope Customs hasn't decided to keep it on their desks for Christmas in a fit of pique...that happens)

Here's Francie's ornament from me:

I had to do something simple because of the timeframe, but I hope she likes her "Francie-cle". 

I had to laugh when I received Francie's little package in the mail....yep....we had mailed on the same day!

I DIED when I opened up this package....could these BE more perfect? 

As we live in a very small townhouse (land is expensive in Ontario, y'all!), I had asked Francie for something small in the ornament line, as our tree is just 4 feet tall. These will be absolutely ME on that tree, which is being set up later today. 

I love them!! Thank you so much Francie!

...and here's the rest of Francie's package for me, all together....yumm! The Christmas chocolate tradition LOL!

(Love that gorgeous notecard as well)

Can't wait to visit and see everyone else's take a trip round!


  1. Lori, those are all so pretty! I love you Francie cle and found myself staring at it to see how you did it. The graduated colors are amazing. I love Francie's ornaments as well - so cute and colorful.

    1. Thanks Tanya! I really like the current theme of graduation/ombre and have used it several times. My ornaments from Francie were just wonderful, weren't they? I'm so pleased!

  2. what a great spiral idea for an ornament! I saw it over on Francie's blog and had to come take a look! Hope things calm down soon for you and you get to enjoy a bit of the holidays with all your new lovely ornaments :)

  3. I thought the two of you would be kindred spirits! :)

    What fun! I find it interesting how 'in sync' all the swap partners seemed to be. Both of your designs have really gotten my creativity flowing! So many wonderful possibilities.

    Thank you so much for helping make my first Ornament Swap a rousing success! I'm tempted to host one again next year, but promise I'll give us all more time if I do. :)

    1. It's because you did an exceptional job of pairing us, Karen :-) That was great fun!
      As I said in my email, I'm definitely up for next year, and I wouldn't change a thing except for the notice period...thanks for all your hard work, it was fun!

  4. What a fun ornament you made!! I love the swirls and the colors - it's very festive. And the ornaments from Francie? Again the colors are divine and so are the designs. Merry Christmas to you both and hope you all enjoy the Holidays (for some reason I couldn't post to Francie's blog so this comment is for both you talented ladies!)

    1. Thank you, I will pass that along, and have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. As I have mentioned before, I don't think we could have found more perfect swap partners. We must have had some sort of psychic moment there. I didn't mention that I absolutely love spiral rope and ombre colors. I'm having so much fun enjoying your ornament in my studio that I almost hate to put it on the tree in the other room... Glad to hear that you are enjoying your ornaments too. :)


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