Sunday, February 2, 2014

Working away....

This has, without a doubt, been the worst winter we've had in the 10 yrs or so I've lived here. 

As work has quieted a bit at this point, I'd love to be out and about...but each day seems to bring two choices's either 400 below, or it's snowing ALL. DAY. LONG. 
In the last month, we've had more than 20 days of -20 or colder weather, which is completely unHEARD of here. 

Here's a picture down the street, which I took to show a friend living in NC that yes, indeed, there ARE 10 ft snowbanks; they're quite dangerous, as you can't see what's coming down the street until you're actually out IN it....

We're running out of places to put the snow when the driveway is shoveled...

I've pretty much been huddling by the fire when I'm not at work...but I have a project for the Foundation that I must have completed by Mar. 15th latest, to be shipped, so I am plugging away at that. 

These bracelets are to be prizes for the competitors in Dancing Like the Stars, which is one of our major fundraisers. 

Bracelets (6 ladies, 5 mens, 1 unisex) are done:

I'm currently working on stamping the back of the charm which will hang from the bracelets....

....these will be slightly domed when they are done, then filled with resin into which the logo will be placed....

The logos have so far been printed, cut, and treated to four coats each side of sealer. 
This is quite a time-consuming process, actually...and temps have to be optimal for the resin to set properly, so I'm hoping the weather will warm up a bit!! 

The resin is a bit chancy, so I usually make at least twice as many as I need to ensure one casting can hopefully be done. 

Then they need to be allowed to set, and have bails attached, and have those set. 

So....this is worktable Sunday in process!

Hope you are having a great GroundHog day!

Football? What's that??


  1. What a lovely scenery :))) Actually for 20 years we didn't have winter like this. Have you seen the news a few days ago ,it was about a 66 year old man in Orillia who got $260 fine from the city because he shoveled his snowbank way to high. I mean there is no place to put the snow anymore.Hold on tight ,more is in the forecast ..Keep worm !

  2. What lovely bracelets and beautul way for the participants to remember the competion by. I keep looking at everyone's pictures of the snow and getting just a wee bit jealous (yes I know how desperately inconvenient it is). Here we've had nothing but rain, flooding ( not me personally with the latter) and dark dank weather.


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