Saturday, February 22, 2014


...lollipops and roses......oh wait, I'm dating myself, aren't I??

After a week of horrendous weather, the sun is out and the wind is only blowing about 60 mph, so I'm off in a bit to run a few errands. We've had our first day of above/zero weather since November on Thursday the 20th, and the sidewalks are treacherous, but the roads are fine.

I imagine we're not out of the woods yet, but it looks as though there IS hope!

I've been working away on the charms for my CM bracelets for DLTS (see prior blog) with mixed results; the first batch I had in progress last time was a COMPLETE loss. I've never had that happen before; I think it was a problem with the paper, actually, which seemed to absorb everything, no matter what I sealed it with, and thus was marred with dark spots from seepage. 

Second try, though was successful pretty much 100%, using photo paper, sealed prior to adhering to the blank and then sealed again 4 times each side using Mod Podge, before pouring the resin. 

Here they are:

Tomorrow I have to sand them, clean up the backs, and adhere the bails...and then I can attach them to the finished bracelets. 

As I had measured extra resin, I thought I would try something while I was at it, and use a dome resin mold I acquired a while back and hadn't tried. I poured the excess resin into the molds about 1/4" deep and added the (sealed) logo on top of it. Mixed had a huge bubble under the was fine, but the resin couldn't degas with the logo on top of it, so we have this:

HOWEVER....I like the dome this creates a I had also poured just some extra resin into a few of the other spaces in the mold, and now I have some "domes" which I THINK could successfully be glued over top of a logo, on the blank. 

I have to see how that works out...

And, in the middle of the weather from H-E-double toothpicks the other night, I was at a class doing this, which I quite like. It will also be a donation to the National Inclusion Project for their Gala 2014 Silent Auction:

It's chainmaille, obviously, in a pattern called Clockwork Weave from Hyperlynks. 

Hope you are seeing a bit of Spring as well!

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