Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week 14~Up Close!

First things first...let me apologize for not being able to return any visits last week! Let's just was one of those, and close the chapter.

I was excited to see Sally's prompt for us this week:

"The macro shot! Start exploring the details of the ordinary up close and glimpse a world that you may never have noticed until you observed it magnified "

It immediately brought to mind something that I discovered a while back in my stash of "jewelry goodies". I picked up this piece of shale on the shores of Lake Huron months back, while exploring with visiting friends from North Carolina. I grabbed a few of them, just because they fascinate me, and I thought I might be able to create something for each of them in the way of a remembrance of the Canadian Shield. I didn't look at them that closely, just picked up a few shapes that appealed to me.

And then one day I was looking for a focal, and noticed this.....

Click on the picture to many fossils do you see? *

.....and here are my other favourites of my pictures this week....two of the many shells in my collection

Let's see what the other participants have discovered in their macro explorations! You'll find them HERE

*PS....I count at least 4 fossils in that many did you find?
It was apparently a very buggy day those thousands of years ago!


  1. Great photos!!! I especially like the photo of that white shell.

    I love fossils and shells. As a kid I was fascinated with them thanks to my father. Every vacation we went on included some sort of fossil, arrowhead, shell or gemstone hunt. And we loved to go with him on his Sunday drives for the same reason.

  2. oh that is so cool! I love checking out fossils - always one of my favorite sections when visiting museums!

  3. That is a very cool fossil shale. Would love to see what you end up doing with it.

  4. Fossils are so much fun. Great shots

  5. Love the fossils and shells. We often find fossil rocks along the stream that borders our property. Love to stare at them and discover more!

  6. Wonderful photos and what a great find that you were not even aware of at the time you picked it up. I am fascinated with fossils.

  7. Lovely pictures, Lori! Now you make me sorry I didn't get the huge abalone shell at the gem and rocks show today! I passed it by about 10 times :) oh, well - there will be another show in the fall!
    I love fossils - you are onto something when you say we've been separated at birth! We have an area close by that's very rich in fossils, I found it last fall - can't wait for the spring to come so we can go hike there... and discover mysteries of the past...

  8. Beautiful pictures. I love fossils also.

  9. Fossils are so fascinating! I love the shells. Great pics!.

  10. Rocks are great! Rocks with fossils are fantastic! I counted 2 fossils and maybe a third one. For the first time in my life I'm near a beach and shell (and stone) hunting is my number one high! I can get lost all day long. It doesn't hurt that I'm next to the Mediterranean either :-)

  11. You had the same thought as me, regarding the fasinating detail in old rocks and stones, oh the stories they could tell. Great pics.


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