Friday, April 19, 2013

Focus on Life Week 16~Take a Walk

.....and I responded promptly to that invitation! :-) 

Here is Sally's prompt for this week's photographs:

"Step back and look at the wide world around you and capture a shot of the landscape in front of you!"

For once, serendipity happened this day off from work AND the sun conspired together to provide a breathtaking spring day. I had about a million things I SHOULD have been working on, but chose instead to take Sally's advice. Thank you, Sally! I had a wonderful day!

I chose to drive up to one of my favorite spots; this is Marchmont, ON:

This old mill has been converted to a home, but still stands ready, without its millwheel, to enjoy the creek running by: 

We've had lots of rain, so the creek is running hard and fast at this point:

Here, on the other side of the bridge, is the small waterfall between the creek's origin lake, and the old mill. 

And here is the beautiful lake area up above:

Reflections on the lake:

No, this next photo is not turned sideways *g*


The flower boxes on the bridge are waiting for their Spring plantings: 

But these decided not to wait!

I love these patina'd old split-rail fences:

It was a gorgeous day!

I look forward to seeing what the other adventurers discovered, HERE at Sally's blog. 


  1. It looks so peaceful. I can almost hear the waterfall and smell the fresh air!! Not as much fresh air here in the city! What a great place to visit.

  2. Lovely pics, I'd enjoy going there myself!

  3. oh wow!! what a beautiful, beautiful place! thank you so much for inviting us along for your walk :)
    have a great week!
    no 18 on the list

  4. Gorgeous day and gorgeous pics I love the photo of the mill and the planter and the wood and oh the lake, wonderful!

  5. My weather didn't co-operate... actually Thursday was nice but I already at my blog scheduled... Lovely pictures... would like to see the inside of that mill!

  6. what gorgeous pictures and a lovely day for you!! thank you for taking us on your walk and seeing such a beautiful spot

  7. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful spot! Love the reflections!

  8. What a sweet spot, Lori. I'd love to live there hearing the creek. I can only imagine the big beams inside the mill!

  9. What a beautiful walk you took with so much to see! The planter is awesome and the lake is so beautiful and peaceful looking. Great photos!!

  10. Beautiful photos! I especially like the one of the old mill. Thanks for sharing your favorite spot with us.

  11. Wow Lori that is a gorgeous place and I agree a fabulous day to take a walk.

  12. Stunning photos - I am in love with that old mill turned into a house! Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a bunch of awesome photos and it looks like a place I to take a would like to walk.


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