Monday, March 3, 2014

...AND, we're off!

Bead Soup Blog Party #8 is underway!

I am thrilled to be partnered with Sarah Goode of Pookledo. Sarah is in the UK, and I'm delighted to have a partner from the UK, as shipping there from Canada is almost easier than shipping into the US (which certainly is closer!). 
Here's Sarah's blog as well: Pookledo LOVE that name, by the way!

Sarah tells me that she enjoys working with recycled items and gems to make her pretty, colourful jewelry. We share a love of colour and "funky stuff" which will make us very good partners I suspect. 
I had to laugh, as Sarah lives quite close to an artist whose Etsy shop I mined for the "seed" of my Bead my "seeds" are returning home to the UK! 

I spent today tweaking my soup for Sarah and gathering up a few little Canadian things for her, and a couple of "funkies" I hope she'll have fun with, that are not really a part of the official soup. 

Here's your teaser, Sarah!

Hope you enjoy your soup! I will get it in the mail ASAP. 


  1. Happy Bead soup party Lori, I see you are already having fun!

  2. Ooh. Looks interesting! I look forward to receiving it :)


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