Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pantone Bead Swap Fall 2012

Well, after waiting about a week for a bright day to do photographs, apparently, it ain't gonna happen! It is quite lovely out...warm for this time of the year, and with that ethereal fog that quiets everything and makes it seem so "soft" out. But it's not too great for picture-taking where detail is needed!

So...onward, with an Ott Lite; I apologize in advance for the greyed colors.

Here are the swap items I sent Kelley Hagerty-Fogle (Kelley has received her swap, but does not have a blog):

And here is what I received in return; I was spoiled rotten! Focals, gemstones, enamelled beads, pearls, crystals, fun beads...what a beautiful assortment! Thanks so much Kelley!

I am going to have a fantastic time playing with these! 

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