Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bead Table Sunday

Yes, I know it's supposed to be Bead Table Wednesday but it's my bead table....I can name it what I want!

I'm still having a great time trying to get to everyone's blog for Bead Soup Blog Party 6 but just yesterday I heard that the reveal for Beading Babes Project #6, my next project, is Sept 2nd, not the Sept 11th I thought it was for some unknown reason!


So today I am working on my first project.....while it rains outside.

Of course, I am redoing the coloration somewhat to have it relate to the National Inclusion Project logo, which is flower-like. I think it will look quite good. 

Haven't quite decided yet which aqua to use...I'm leaning toward the lighter one, but will see how it looks on the gold-toned base before making a decision. The darker teal may hold it's own better against the lime. 

Those gold beads are size 13 charlottes...the pattern calls for 15 charlottes, but I was unable to find them anywhere...and my lord those 13's are tiny!

 I can't imagine it in 15's.
It looks to me as though this is going to make an exceedingly delicate, for a child. Delicate would most definitely NOT describe me in any way. 
Hard to tell yet, but I think I may do the next one in 11's and of course increase the size of the czech firepolish, and probably reduce the number of flowerettes on the band. We shall see :-)

Wish me luck! I'll be hoppin' indeed! 


  1. I couldn't have imagined it in 13s. It is very delicate in 15s. What size needle are you using with 13s? So sorry it seems you've lost so much working time, but at least you found out before the 2nd.

  2. Just read on the fb group that we now have till the 16th! SO no worries.

  3. That video is so funny :))
    Those charlottes are very delicate cute things and it is so nice to wear them.
    I hope you will show the finished bracelet for us.


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