Friday, July 1, 2011

June Photo Challenge

June Photo Challenge posted....Click here to see the photos

This month I was was a wet month, and most of the days I was not working, it was raining. But I think  I'm pleased with those I did get. I'm missing one...sun/lens flare...I usually throw those ones out LOL!

I also attended a nice quilt show in June, up in was a LOVELY day, one of the few. The pictures from the show are here, and they're well worth seeing I think.

One or two samples....
A gorgeous Judy Niemeyer design (not part of the show, from a vendor's stand):

Fun!! From a "chocolate" challenge done by the guild...yes, it's really a quilt!

Loved these dandelions done with stitchery and Angelina fibre....

And a beautiful closeup of an applique quilt:

My son from Calgary was here in June, so we took a trip down to The Beach(es) in Toronto to wander the area, enjoy a craft show, and have some dinner. Here's a few pics from that day I quite liked:

Streetside veggies:

Kew Gardens flora:

The library owl:

Kew Gardens:

....and some neighbourhood fauna: :-)

The next time you're in the MUST go have a meal at the purple Thai restaurant there (I can't remember its name).  There are two Thai ones; this one is on the south side of Queen, it's painted purple, it's really tiny, and the food is AWESOME!

Have a great July!

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