Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day One~I'm a Blogger!

Well, here we are, ready to see how this goes!

I'm doing this primarily in order to participate with other bloggers in things of interest to exercises, Bead Soup Party..and whatever else might come up!
I'll also use the format to post my pictures from time to time of things other than competition material..and just to ruminate out loud.
Clears throat...and so here we go!

Yesterday I had my first weekend off in quite a while, and also had the opportunity to attend a Fibre Arts show/sale in nearby Etobicoke, ON at the Neilson Park Creative Centre. Sometimes events in this general area are outstanding, and sometimes they're really pedestrian (IMO, of course). This was a gooder. Some really  innovative work, a very nice well laid out facility; AND a physical location which just begged to be photographed. What more could I ask?? So I did....photograph. I also bought. :-)

Some of the work I really liked:

The above are a series from one artist; my impression was that they were depictions of her life at two different moments in time. 

Hmmm....lesson #1 on Blogger, apparently...they post in the opposite order to the chosen one! I'll have to see if I can figure out how to amend that  Done! :-) ...but, on to a little flavor of the physical location of the Neilson Creative Centre:

This, by the way, right in the heart of downtown Toronto; I LOVE how the city has managed to retain greenspace.


  1. Lovely! I bet that place is gorgeous in autumn. Can you tell me anything about (what is currently) the third one? It looks like an old corset to me.

    I think you should be able to edit your post and drag your photos up and down. But then again, I have an old template, and I have yet to try posting more than one pic per post.

  2. Yes, I bet it is too! I think I'll likely be returning to see :-).
    I'll try that! I did think to try, and then got sidetracked LOL.

  3. PS Posh, the pictures are clickable to see more detail...but also see my (new) explanation of the two. And yes, they are heavily distressed fabric, but not an old corset I don't think LOL.

  4. Welcome to the blogsphere Lori! I know I'm going to enjoy following your posts!

  5. I see. The seams in the one now on the left look like they could have been for corset stays. Glad to see you figured out your photo order issues!

  6. Welcome to the blog world! I look forward to reading your blog.


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